Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Lady Jilly Palmer 18th May 2024
Peter Farrell 18th May 2024

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Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Post by BobH »

The saddest words of all:
I’m sat on board ship with a wonderful view over Miami and my 💔 heart is breaking
My wonderful twin Brother Dennis Barber passed away peacefully at 15.30hrs today. He fought through pulmonary fibrosis and prostate cancer but this little bug CV has finally got him.
Rest in peace brother your duty is done
A proud man and a proud Hussar. I will love you always xxxx
Phil Barber
We offer our sincere condolences.

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Bob Harrison

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Re: Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Post by Pinky »

RIP Dennis
Bill Bentley
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Re: Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Post by Bill Bentley »

Phil old buddy,

very sorry to hear about Dennis's passing, I feel for you and your families, he was a smashing guy and for a short while a good pal. After all he has been through, at least now he can Rest in Peace.

My condolences especially to you and his family and all of his loved ones.

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Re: Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Post by dinsdale »

I knew your Dennis well Ali, I'm not ashamed to say its breaking mine to, what a guy. My heart goes out to you and your family,
Rest in Peace Dennis
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Re: Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Post by Woods 27 »

R.I.P. Dennis.

Sincere condolences to Phil and the rest of the family Dennis will be sorely missed.

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Re: Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Post by Stevie Reds »

RIP Dennis, our heartfelt condolences.
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Re: Dennis Barber. 4th April 2020

Post by Prussian Eagle »

Such a nice guy, RIP Dennis.
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