Mr Ray Lawton, 22 January 2020

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Mr Ray Lawton, 22 January 2020

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Received from HHQ:

14TH/20TH KING’S HUSSARS 1940 - 1946

We regret to inform you of the death of Ray Lawton on Wednesday, 22nd January, aged 97. Ray served in N Africa and Italy during World War 2 and was involved in the liberation of Medicina on 16th April 1945.

A funeral service will be held on Friday 14th February, at 15:15hrs, at Crewe Crematorium, Cemetery Grounds, Market Close, Crewe CW1 2NA.

No other details are known.
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Re: Mr Ray Lawton, 22 January 2020

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RIP Ray. ( Hero of WW2 )
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Re: Mr Ray Lawton, 22 January 2020

Post by Pinky »

RIP Ray,
A true Hussar and war hero.
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Re: Mr Ray Lawton, 22 January 2020

Post by Bill Bentley »

I try not to remember people who were not my friends or who I had not worked alongside or at least met for a happy moment, how could I remember them ?

Then again, how could I forget a man who immortalized the history of a regiment in which I later served. Those brave men who put ‚Battle Honours' on our own Guidon, which we in turn proudly marched behind. Those brave men who know not only the might of a cannon when it is fired but also when they are on the receiving end of such awesome, devastating, destructive and lethal firepower.

Sleep well, knowing that you Ray Lawton are remembered, sleep well brother, sleep well.
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Re: Mr Ray Lawton, 22 January 2020

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Margaret and I attended the funeral of Ray Lawton this afternoon.
With about 30 relatives and neighbours there we were the only unknown couple attending and when asked by the funeral director if we were family I said we were there representing the 14/20th Kings Hussars to pay our respects to an old comrade. He said that was very nice. To our credit we were immaculately dressed in appropriate black suit and clothing. I also wore a hawk silver pin and veteran badge on my lapels.
We followed the coffin inside the chapel to sound of Sussex by the Sea played by our own 14/20th Regimental band. After the eulogy everyone reflected in silence to the sound of Joseph Locke singing Violetta (Hear my song Violetta).
I was proud to learn that Ray Lawton actually took part in the battle honour of Medicina and in 1995 returned to Medicina to receive the freedom of the town. He was a real hero and a credit to the regiment. We filed from to chapel to the sound of Shenandoah played by Bryn Terfel.
The funeral booklet show a picture of a grinning Ray in battle dress with hairy shirt and topped with black beret and hawk badge. He is also wearing a web belt that many will remember with affection after cleaning the brass.
Ian Neilson
Samuel P Harrison

Re: Mr Ray Lawton, 22 January 2020

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Great respect - rest in peace
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