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Re: New NOAHs Arc

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Hi Bob,
Hello guys, its great to be back with you.
Happy New Year to you all.
Ian Neilson
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Re: New NOAHs Arc

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Don’t understand a lot of what’s going on Bob but thanks for everything you are trying to do.
ATB Alan
Bill Bentley
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Re: New NOAHs Arc

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I go along with Mick and Fatcat, I understand very little about computers but I have grown to trust you and your ability in all things Noahs ARC and shall continue to support your solid judgement.
Keep up the good work and thanks, I know many of us appreciate it !
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Re: New NOAHs Arc

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Mick Burgess.jpg
Mick Burgess.jpg (139.57 KiB) Viewed 4447 times
Copied from FB.
There were some comments about the chap behind Mick, if you choose to delete, go ahead - no problem.
Just thought Mick might not of seen this.
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