Europe crumbles ...

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Bill Bentley
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Europe crumbles ...

Post by Bill Bentley »

Times are changing, the UK is out of the EU, all but the shouting that is, and the remains of the EU are showing their hands :o .

As I have so often predicted Germany is crumbling. AKK, (nobody can pronounce Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer), Merkel’s protégé has apparently: surprisingly resigned. No surprise to anybody who has been watching though, she failed at every turn.

This leaves the CDU/CSU (Conservatives) in a complete mess with no recognizable follower for Merklel. The SPD (Labour) are about as effective as our own Labour Party and the Liberals are a mirror image of our own ‚Yellows‘… gone to the dogs.

The backbone of German Industry, the Automobile Industry, is broken. The idiots are throwing all they have left into an electric mobility future. That’s like driving down a one way street the wrong way; they won’t get far !

In Thüringen the former 3 party coalition of the Left, the SPD and the Greens, have repeatedly been unable to get enough votes to have a majority and all parties are still refusing to join forces with the AFD (Alternative Für Deutschland), the, so called, radical right, who have the most votes, but not yet enough to have a majority, so it’s stalemate.

The problems in France are not going away, they are just hardly ever reported anymore.

The problems in Spain, with Catalonia, are not going away, they are just not being reported anymore.

The endless problems in Italy continue unabated.

Poland still refuses to join the €uro-zone, or take foreigners, especially Muslims, from the EU, as does Hungary, but the EU continues to let them in and they almost all want to go to those countries with a high paying social security system :!: .

Holland is perhaps the only net contributor to the EU that still has cash in its pocket… but for how long ? Is this what we used to call ‚hard cheese‘ :?: :?: .

The EU is broke ! The books are only balanced with i.o.u.’s from the likes of Greece and Turkey continues to demand ever more money to hold back the tidal wave of so called refugee’s.

None of this is good, but it does give the UK a very strong hand when negotiating with the EU, who no longer have Junker or Tusk at the helm, and their replacements are still trying to find their feet. Like AKK, Ursula von der Leyen is a waste of breath, she has cocked up every job she has ever had and only got this job to get rid of her and leave the door open for AKK to take over the CDU, poor old Germany, poor old Europe :( !

The future is going to be tough for everyone, Climate Change and the ever growing World Population and the insatiable greed of the super rich being perhaps the main problems. But it will be a lot easier to make crucial decisions as an independent nation than it would have been stuck in the EU as she steadily sinks :shock: :shock: :shock: .
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Re: Europe crumbles ...

Post by Pinky »

I watched a show over here about Holland and all its DRUG money.
Maybe Greece can bail them out, them or the Republic of Ireland - LOL
All the best
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