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Draft Constitution

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It has been less than a week since the new committee for NOAH’S ARC took up their positions and as you can imagine the current crisis is getting in the way with the handover due to compulsory isolation and govt restrictions. That said the committee has made contact via technology and have got a few balls rolling.
Firstly, as it seemed to be the consensus of opinion that we have one, the committee have drafted together a club constitution which we have all agreed on so are now able to put it to the members. Please take time to read it and keep a copy. Should there be any grave concerns then please let us know If the majority are happy it will become our constitution.
I would also like to encourage those that haven’t, to please register on the Noah arc website at www.1420th.org.uk This gives you easy access to the online shop and there are many Hawks (192 currently) on the site, some don’t use Facebook and are missing the banter.
Finally, in the coming weeks I am hoping to give details on reunion 2021, the online shop and a few other proposals.
On a personal note family and friends are the most important things in life especially at a time of crisis and as we are a massive family I hope we can all put the past behind us and take Noah’s Arc forward to becoming the club it should be. And you and your families stay safe

https://www.1420th.org.uk/Documents/Dra ... tution.pdf

https://www.1420th.org.uk/Documents/Dra ... ution.docx

Thank you
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