Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

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Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by admin »

This is our new Forum based within our new website: 1420th.org.uk

In addition to the new Website the Shop and Forum also included in one place. The hosting is much cheaper too :)

I'll be updating the Website over time but I won't be able to get everything copied across until we do have control of the old websites. The Shop is fully Open for business, but we're still waiting for the stock owned by Noah's Arc to be handed over!

Please use and update your saved URLs to the following:
Website: http://www.1420th.org.uk
Online Shop: http://www.1420th.org.uk/shop
Forum: http://www.1420th.org.uk/forum

Note: This website is currently funded by myself personally. I'll be happy to hand it all over to the new Committee whenever they feel ready. BobH
Algy Cain
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Re: Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by Algy Cain »

Good to have it back.
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Re: Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by Pinky »

Hope we get more users on here!
Stevie Reds
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Re: Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by Stevie Reds »

Happy Belated New Year gents, nice to be back.
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Re: Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by Woods 27 »

Finally made it here :D :D :D

YOU SIGN PHIL JONES :-( :-( :-( WE SIGN KUN AGUERO :-) :-) :-)
C.T.I.D. :-) :-) :-) ⓜⓒⓕⓒ I WAS THERE WHEN WE WERE SHIT ¿? ¿? ¿?
Syd Jones
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Re: Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by Syd Jones »

Hey Bob. Why should you personally and solely have to fund the new website? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be happy to chuck in our twopennoth if it would help. How do we go about it? Cheers, Syd.
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Re: Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by BobH »

Thanks Syd,

It's my passion which drives me. I can't watch Noah's Arc decline and do nothing.

I'm selling stuff within the Online Shop (which I also have to buy myself) at a very small profit, and receiving some commission from sales of other stuff. When I have enough in the account I'll transfer it back to me. Anything left over will be passed to the new committee, or donated to the KRH Regimental Association. Don't worry about me, I'll be okay. :)
Bob Harrison

Westhoughton born and Warburtons bred
John clements
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Re: Welcome to the new 1420H Forum

Post by John clements »

Good to have you back BOB now we can go forward well done John Clements
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