What we know so far!

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What we know so far!

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I Hope everybody is staying safe out there and it’s not long before we find some kind of normal again. However, until that time it’s difficult to arrange anything regarding the reunion for 2021 and I suspect that it will be too late to find a new venue when we are finally free. As we already have a contract in place with the Imperial, that was sorted by the previous committee and the band etc have already been paid for and have been rolled over from 2020 it seems the sensible thing to have Reunion 2021 at the Imperial one last time over the weekend 15th- 19th April 2021. This also happens to fall on Medicina weekend and is 25-year anniversary of the arc.
I have contacted the events manager at the hotel but not surprisingly I have yet to receive a reply, again when things begin to get back to the norm I will contact her again to arrange a meeting and hopefully get a bit of negotiating done. Until that time there is no point booking your rooms. I will make a further announcement when this is possible.
I would encourage you all to book the Hotel when the time comes. The Imperial has 180 guest bedrooms and the more Noah’s Arc fill the more chance we have the hotel to ourselves, we don’t want any strangers cramping our style. Let’s make it the best yet….


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